This summer's major event "Timeless Light"

This summer's major event
From 2nd July to 18th September, at place du Château.

Light travels through time like the Cathedral through the centuries. It brightens and dims, changes and eternalises, disappears and springs up again. Timeless light is a light show with video and soundtrack that takes us along light's journey through time, from the very beginning of existence. There's poetry and harmony throughout the display, but also showstopping effects which will reveal the southern face of the Cathedral and the place du Château like they've never been seen before. An extraordinary immersive experience merging time and light within their physical and spiritual dimensions.

At the same time, and also between each show, there will be 690 candles lighting up trees, the buildings around the square and the Cathedral, creating a wonderfully ethereal atmosphere.

The show is designed by Act Lighting Design: a Belgian company
specialising in architectural and entertainment lighting design.


In July at 22.30 / 23.00 / 23.30 / 0.00

In August at 22.15 / 22.45 / 23.15 / 23.45

In September at 21.15 / 21.45 / 22.15

Duration: 15 minutes, a show every 30 minutes

Attention: pedestrian circulation modified

For both security reasons and to smooth the pedestrian traffic flow, entrance to the place du Château's event is only possible from place de la Cathédrale.

Exit only at rue de Rohan and rue de la Râpe.

Click on the image to scale it up:

Pedestrian circulation

Sponsors of the show