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The Arachnima Tour

Arachnima on Tour

Arachnima on Tour 2022, 24th edition coming up!  

 Every summer, the Arachnima association organises educational actions in different neighbourhoods around the city.

Residents of all ages and backgrounds come together around art, culture, sports and leisure to enjoy the summer as a community.

The tour looks forward to welcoming participant in the following locations:

6 to 10 July at the Cité Ampère in Musau, 5-9 pm
13 to 17 July at the Stade Aurora in Cité de l’Ill, 5-9 pm
20 to 24 July around Rue de Macon in Neuhof, 5-9 pm
27 to 31 July at Place Nicolas Poussin in Elsau, 5-9 pm
3 to 7 August in the Petit Bois and in front of Maison de l’Enfance on Rue Françoise Dolto in Hautepierre, 5-9 pm
10 to 14 August at Place de l’Hippodrome, Port du Rhin, 5-9 pm
17 to 21 at Place de l’Ile de France in Meinau, 4-8 pm
24 to 28 August at Square Hasek in Hohberg, 4-8 pm

The programme is aimed at everyone, children, families, teens and adults, residents or visitors alike, and includes art, games, sports, science, environment, music, live performance, bike repairs... a host of fun activities for everyone to enjoy!

Go to the Arachnima website for further details.