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Summer in the museums and mediatheques

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L’été dans les musées et les médiathèques

Sommer in the museums and the mediatheques

Summer in the museums

Open to all

With themed collections and a rich programme of fascinating exhibitions, Strasbourg’s 10 museums, historic monument Aubette 1928 and L’Union Sociale (the study and conservation centre for the Strasbourg museum collections) makes up one of France’s biggest groups of museums. A cultural clout that gets even mightier when it is taken over by the public, shared by everyone and accessible to all.

All summer long, 2022 promises a rich line-up of activities in Strasbourg’s museums: guided tours, museum-city tours, screenings and family-friendly workshops.

Find the full detailed summer programme at the museums on musees.strasbourg.eu.

Summer in the mediatheques

Open to all
More info on mediatheques.strasbourg.eu.

Don’t want to stay at home but do want to listen to stories, play, tinker or find a quiet spot to read in the open air?

Throughout summer, visit one of Strasbourg’s outdoor mediatheques set up in the city’s parks, pools and public squares.

A comic book fan? Come and (re)discover Régis Loisel, a prolific comic book artist for nearly 50 years, in a comics retrospective at Médiathèque André Malraux from 17 June to 17 September.

Not to mention the workshops, story times and video games that will continue inside our premises.

Summer at the TAPS

From 19 July to 11 August

Open to all
More info on TAPS's website.

Touch, discover the Far North, follow in the footsteps of a little man made of paper, learn about exile, explore your emotions, guffaw with two clowning watchmakers, etc.
Enchantment for young and old awaits with this programme of theatrical, cinematographic, musical and always poetic activities.
Eight shows to travel and open your imagination await you this summer at TAPS Laiterie and TAPS Scala!

The Programme

Children's shows : Four shows for children aged 2-3 (with three performances of each show): 10.30 am and 5 pm on Tuesdays and 10.30 am on Wednesdays at TAPS Laiterie.

Family shows : Four shows for children aged 7-8 and for adults: 7 pm on Thursdays at TAPS Scala.