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Alsatian folklore

Alsatian folklore

From July 1st to September 2nd 2018 on the city center's squares.

Summer is a great time to discover traditional Alsatian dancing and music with performances by bands and folk groups from our towns and villages, dressed up in their finery. Come and discover authentic Alsatian traditions and our warm Alsace welcome.

Traditional Alsatian dances

Every Sunday from July 1st to September 3rd (except August 12th) folk groups from our towns and villages perform traditional Alsatian dances.

From 10.45 am to 12 pm, the Place Gutenberg comes alive with a blend of traditional music, dancing and costumes.

Traditional Alsatian music

Alsatian music groups perform on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from July 3rd to August 31st (except August 10th and August 11th) in the city's squares:

  • Place Gutenberg: Tuesdays of July from 7 pm to 8.30 pm
  • Place des Tripiers: Tuesdays of August from 7pm
  • Place Benjamin Zix: Fridays from 8 pm to 9.30 pm
  • Place St Thomas: Saturdays from 5 pm to 6.30 pm

Don't miss the final folk evening on Saturday September 1st from 7 pm in Louise Weiss Square!

Detailed program:

  • July 1st (Gutenberg): danse
  • July 3rd (Gutenberg): Original Bloosmusik Pierre Schneider
  • July 6th (Benjamin Zix): Orchestre Roger HALM
  • July 7th (St Thomas): Perle
  • July 8th (Gutenberg): danse
  • July 10th (Gutenberg): Orchestre Roger HALM
  • July 15th (Gutenberg): danse
  • July 20th (Benjamin Zix): Zornwind
  • July 21st (St Thomas): Original Bloosmusik Pierre Schneider
  • July 22nd (Gutenberg): danse
  • July 24th (Gutenberg): Argentoratum
  • July 27th (Benjamin Zix): Zornwind
  • July 29th (Gutenberg): danse
  • July 31st (Gutenberg): Original Bloosmusik Pierre Schneider
  • August 3rd (Benjamin Zix): Perle
  • August 4th (St Thomas): Orchestre des Seniors de Strasbourg
  • August 5th (Gutenberg): danse
  • August 7th (Tripiers): Joyeux brasseurs
  • August 14th (Tripiers): Argentoratum
  • August 17th (Benjamin Zix): Rhinwagges
  • August 18th (St Thomas): Argentoratum
  • August 19th (Gutenberg): danse
  • August 21st (Tripiers): Joyeux Brasseurs
  • August 24th (Benjamin Zix): Argentoratum
  • August 25th (Gutenberg, from 5 pm to 6:30 pm): Perle
  • August 26th (Gutenberg): danse
  • August 27th (Tripiers): Orchestre des Seniors de Strasbourg
  • August 31st (Benjamin Zix): Rhinwagges
  • September 1st, last show (Louise Weiss): Rhinwagges + danse + Perle

All audiences - Free