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Comment venir à Strasbourg ?

Getting to Strasbourg

Strasbourg enjoys excellent national and international connections, with a TGV high-speed train station in the city centre and an international airport just 9 minutes away.

TGV Est Européen high speed train and train

Strasbourg train station, one of the most important train stations in France, is directly linked to numerous cities throughout the country. Located at the intersection of major international axes, it also enjoys high-quality links with numerous European metropolises.

Thanks to the TGV, you can reach Strasbourg in 2 hr 10 from Zurich, 2 hr 20 from Paris, 3 hr 20 from Lille, 3 hr 40 from Munich, 5 hr 10 from Nantes or Rennes, and 6 hr 20 from Bordeaux.

When you step off the TGV (high speed train) at Strasbourg railway station, you'll find the entire city right in front of you, just waiting to be explored. The cathedral is only 15 minutes away.

SNCF on www.voyages-sncf.com or www.tgv.com


You can also reach Strasbourg by car, via the motorways A4 Paris/Metz and A35 (Basel/Mulhouse), the state road N83, and the German motorway A5 Basel-Francfort.



Strasbourg-Entzheim International Airport is located 10km from Strasbourg city centre, and is accessible via the A35 motorway, exit 8. It offers direct flights to 48 destinations, including 14 French cities.

You can get there by local train from Strasbourg Gare Centrale (up to 4 trains per hour, average journey time : 9 minutes).

International Airport on +33 (0)3 88 64 67 67 www.strasbourg.aeroport.fr
Public transport CTS on +33 (0)3 88 77 70 70 www.cts-strasbourg.fr
SNCF www.voyages-sncf.com