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TAPS Summer Program

TAPS Summer Program

From July 17th to August 9th, at the TAPS Scala and the TAPS Laiterie.

This year, the Théâtre Actuel et Public de Strasbourg, TAPS, is dedicating its program to the younger audience and to families. There will be two different artistic propositions:

  • Young audience shows: 4 performances for children between 2 and 8 years old, with 3 occurrences for each show, on Tuesdays at 5 pm and Wednesdays at 10.30 am and 3 pm at the TAPS Laiterie.
  • - Family shows: 4 performances for children from 8-10 years old and adults, on Thursday at 7 pm at the TAPS Scala.

Tickets available at the Boutique Culture, on the TAPS’s website, and at the theater on the day of the show.


Taps Scala, 96 route du Polygone, Neudorf

Taps Laiterie, 10 rue du Hohwald, Strasbourg

More info: on the TAPS website or on the TAPS Facebook page.

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