Alsatian Folklore

Alsatian Folklore and music

On Sundays, from July 18th to September 3rd, city places

Bands and folk groups from our towns and villages, dressed up in their finery, will be showing off their skills with traditional Alsatian dancing and music. This year sees an emphasis on Alsatian folklore, with a twist. 

Alsatian folklore

Every Friday and Saturday from the 15th of July to the 2nd of September (except August 11th and 12th)

  • At 8:30pm; at place du Chateau
  • At 5pm., at place du Marché aux poissons
  • At 7pm. (dance) and 8:30pm. (music) at place Saint-Thomas
  • At 8pm., at place d'Austerlitz
  • At 8pm., at place Benjamin Zix
  • At8:30pm., at place Gutenberg


Alsatian Dance

Every Sunday from July 9th of to September 3rd  (except August 13th), from 10h45am. to 12ham. Folkoric groups present to you Alsatian traditions.