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« Vitaboucle » circuits

« Vitaboucle » circuits

Come discover the city in a new way with circuits Vitaboucle.

The banks of the Ill, the city’s parks, the small little-known paths, that is what the « Vitaboucle » circuits have to offer, so that you can discover the city with new eyes and at your own pace during the summer. Walking, running, on your own or with a group of friends, the 22 circuits will take you through the different neighborhoods of Strasbourg and in the Eurometropolis’ towns.

In Strasbourg, a path goes through the Cronenbourg neighborhood. The towns of Schiltigheim, Holtzheim, Eckbolsheim, Vendenheim and Hoenheim also have their own « Vitaboucle ». Summer time is the ideal period to discover the circuits that have grown outside the city and that represent more than 173 km of marked paths.

Check out the circuits and follow the coach’s advice (in French) on Strasbourg.eu.