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Symphonie of Arts

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Symphonie des Arts

Symphony of Arts

A fusion of music and film

From 23 to 25 June, the Symphonie des Arts returns to the Jardin des Deux Rives.
Suitable for all - free

This year, the Symphonie des Arts focuses on dance in all its forms and invites you to enjoy an intimate, collective experience for 72 hours! 
Share a festive, cultural experience at a dance workshop, an encounter, a film screening or an open-air DJ set. And be sure not to miss the exceptional concert with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg. 

On the programme

Friday 23 June :
7.30 pm: la fièvre au corps ! Archive images and electronic music with La Finca W / Mydryaz x MIRA
8.30 pm: Jam session with Robinson Cassarino, dancer and choreographer. Choreography with Helena Olmedo Duynslaeger
9.30 pm: En Corps, film by Cedric Klapisch. Screening of the hit film about the Hofesh Schechter contemporary dance company, in partnership with Les Films du Spectre and Speaker 

Saturday 24 June 
9.30 pm: Concert des Deux Rives with the musicians of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg conducted by Aziz Shokhakimov

Sunday 25 June 
9.30 am: Shakti dance workshop with Anne-Lise Demoulin - Maison du mouvement
10.30 am: dance stretching workshop with Nathalie Ulrich - Maison du mouvement
11.45 am: Cubaton with Jimi Jacks - Salsa Guarachando
2 pm: DJ set – musical entertainment
4 pm: entertainments, practice workshops, dance performances - Salsa Guarachando
9.30 pm: open-air screening of the dance opera "Les Indes Galantes" by Clément Cogitore in collaboration with the Opéra de Paris as part of the summer opera programme.


Open-air concerts, workshops and entertainments may be cancelled or postponed in the event of adverse weather conditions.