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Nouvel édito été

See you next year!

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We are inviting you to travel through the imaginary world of summer 2021 and find yourself in the realm of getaways and dreams.

The journey starts now...

Discover our travel journal with the whole summer programme, offering an invitation to ponder, imagine and travel through new worlds and atmospheres..

We offer you the following stopovers :

  • The Wonderful Journey, imagine new worlds and awaken your senses through unique experiences that will sweep you away day or night,
  • Latitude 48, wander among memories and dreams, land and water... an invitation to explore and discover a new imaginary world,
  • Summer Stopovers,experience a magical, enchanting and emotional interlude with the Open-Air Cinema, FARSe and Culture Break.

And many other experiences and events near you:

Journeys always hold surprises in store for us, this programme may change..