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Summer in the librairies and museums

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Summer in the libraries

Would you like to listen to stories, play, do crafts, or pick up a little book for a moment of relaxation outdoors?

Throughout the summer, libraries step outside their walls and invite you to parks and squares in and around Strasbourg. Look out for the cargo bikes and the Bibliobus, with a new summer tour, offering a mobile library experience in various green spaces.

Four exhibitions on very different themes also await you:

  • At the Neudorf Library - Artothèque Toutencouleurs: children's creations centered around shapes and colors,
  • At the André Malraux Library: "Between the Pages" (graphic design), "Rodolphe Reuss" (a tribute exhibition on the centenary of his death), and "Let's Hike, Let's Breathe" (photos of hikes and hikers in the Vosges).

Not to mention workshops, shows, storytelling, board games, and video games

For more information, please visit the libraries' website.

Summer in the Museums

Exhibitions, tours, guided visits, and workshops for all audiences—come discover the rich summer program at the museums of Strasbourg!

Exhibitions not to be missed:

  • "La constellation Gustave Doré, Une traversée dans l'édition illustrée au XIXe siècle" at the Galerie Heitz, Palais Rohan, until July 15, 2024.
  • "Être ou paraitre, Jeanne Bischoff" until August 4, 2024. "Sensations et impressions" 150 Years of Impressionism with the Musée d’Orsay until December 15, 2024 and "ExpériMAMCS #4 : Le monde dans un livre" until September, 2025 at the MAMCS,
  • "Julie Doucet. Une rétrospection" and "Images mouvantes" by Tomi Ungerer, the relationship between drawing and movement at the Tomi Ungerer Museum - International Center of Illustration, until November 3, 2024.
  • "Place à Gutenberg. Un monument de David d’Angers pour le vivre ensemble" at the Musée Historique, until February 23, 2025.

For more information, please visit the museums' website.