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Summer Near You

An aquatic, sporty, or playful summer?
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Throughout the summer, enjoy and participate in numerous free activities to brighten up your summer in your neighborhoods.

Enjoy Your Summer

Throughout the summer, your neighborhood partners and the City of Strasbourg have prepared a co-constructed program of activities, including concerts, live performances, and workshops, all in the spirit of celebration and sharing, right near your home!

Need a little break? Feel free to cool off in one of the city's eight pools. For nature lovers, you can also explore the various lakes and ponds.

For those who prefer a sporty summer, visit the three sports plains – Baggersee, Hautepierre, and Citadelle-Vauban – for numerous sports, aquatic, and recreational activities. From dancing to canoeing, fencing to yoga, there's something for everyone, of all ages.

A new edition of outdoor movie screenings will be set up close to your home, featuring a cinematic program that celebrates the 7th art. Join us on Thursdays and Fridays in the early evening to enjoy relaxing and trendy pre-show programs and catch a movie!

To ensure everyone can enjoy cool spots during the hot weather, the City of Strasbourg will open six schoolyards to all residents from July 8 to August 25.

Arachnima en tournée returns this year to various neighborhoods with new activities that will engage young curious minds.

Finally, Alsatian folklore makes a grand return to the city center's squares.

Find the Full Program in Your Neighborhood

Discover the complete schedule of activities in your neighborhood, available in print or displayed at iconic locations in your area. You can find it at your local district hall, the Territorial Directorate, or the nearest social center. Enjoy a summer full of entertainment and community right where you live!

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