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World Music Day

Celebrate summer with music

For the Fête de la Musique, we invite you to celebrate live music, discover the endlessly diverse range of musical genres on offer and let yourself be swept along by the festive atmosphere that takes over the city streets. 

It's also a chance to put the spotlight on over 300 Strasbourg-based musicians who will be performing from 6 to 11 pm on thirteen stages set up all over the Grande Ile to mark the summer solstice.

The city is turned into a giant open-air concert hall, with dozen of stages dotted around every neighbourhood, in the squares, in bars or on street corners to celebrate the summer solstice with music.

Programme :

Place Kléber :

•    18h00 Animation Just Dance® en partenariat avec l’association BeatBurst
•    19h00 : Maeva (Hoplawards)
•    20h05 : Amoure
•    21h10 : The One Armed Man
•    22h15 : Lyre le temps

The Discovery Stage :

Place Gutenberg

•    18h00 : Zimmer90
•    18h45 : Lüssi (chanson française)
•    19h30 : Let us dream (pop)
•    20h15 : Pao du kima (pop)
•    21h00 : Seamer (hiphop jazz)
•    21h45 : Jiulia Via (folk)
•    22h30 : Balkan Express Orchestra

Place Broglie

•    18h00 : Naeko (hip-hop)
•    18h45 : Ceaile (pop)
•    19h30 : DLC (rock)
•    20h15 : Cloon (electro rap)
•    21h00 : Mehran (pop rock)
•    21h45 : Las baklavas (balkan electro)
•    22h30 : Contre Meute (rock)

Place Saint Thomas

[Entertainments for young audiences]
•    14h00 : Atelier par Bougrr
•    15h45 : Atelier No Limit Orchestra
•    18h00 : concert de Bougrr
•    19h05 : concert de l’école de Musique Saint Thomas
[Partner Stage]
•    20h30 : Scène Partenaire Full Moons

Partner Stages supported by the City:

•    Place Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune : Radio Ylla (musique du monde)
•    Place Saint-Étienne : Carbonne 14 (electro)
•    Place des Meuniers : Tropic Groove (musique des Caraïbes)
•    Place du Marché Gayot : St’artbourg (pop rock DJ)
•    Place Broglie – Opéra du Rhin : Unity Sound (electro)
•    Place du Temple Neuf : Collectif WIR (DJ)
•    Square Louise Weiss : Antipod Brothers Sound (hip-hop)
•    Place Saint-Nicolas aux Ondes : Radio France (pop rock)
•    Place du Marché-aux-Cochons-de-Lait : Rock in place (rock)
•    Place Saint-Thomas : Full Moons (electro)