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The City of Strasbourg invites you to participate in and discover the events that will highlight this new summer season. This year, summer revolves around major events that mark the highlights of the season.

From June 21 to 23, Strasbourg celebrates the arrival of summer with a musical interlude! On June 21, novice and seasoned musicians will share their passion with you. On June 22 and 23, the City of Strasbourg invites you to two days of free concerts at the Jardin des Deux Rives.

Whether you're a fan of classical music, rap, jazz, or French variety, you can dance the night away to the melodies of local musicians. The music continues with the return of open-air concerts at the Jardin des Deux Rives and the Kiosque du Parc du Contades.

All around the city, you can discover spaces dedicated to summer cultural and artistic activities. Summer also heralds the grand return of the Docks Malraux with its ephemeral beach and nautical base, delighting both young and old.

Thrill-seekers won't be left out, as the Foire Saint Jean once again brightens our days with its treats and attractions.

As for the Festival des Arts dans la Rue de Strasbourg (FARSe), it returns in full force to entertain you with over 70 performances!

And let's not forget the summer staples such as the national holiday and its famous fireworks display, launched from Place de l’Étoile.