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Arachnima on Tour

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The Arachnima Tour

Arachnima on Tour

Every summer, the Arachnima association organises entertaining events in different neighbourhoods around the City, always with an emphasis on educational and civic action.

Combining artistic and cultural offerings, sports activities and fun, they bring citizens of all ages and backgrounds together to enjoy being out in the summer weather all together. 

They'll be touring the city all through the summer. Here's when you can see them in your neighbourhood : 

  • 5 to 9 July: Musau - Cité Ampère (5 to 9 pm)
  • 12 to 16 July: Neuhof - Plaine Elisa Deroche (5 to 9 pm)
  • 19 to 23 July: Elsau - Place Nicolas Poussin (5 to 9 pm)
  • 26 to 30 July: Cité de l’Ill - Stade Paul Nicolas (5 to 9 pm)
  • 2 to 6 August: Hautepierre - Petit bois (5 to 9 pm)
  • 16 to 20 August: Port du Rhin - Place de l’Hippodrome (4 to 8 pm)
  • 23 to 27 August: Meinau - Place de l’Île de France (4 to 8 pm)
  • 29 August to 3 September: Hohberg - Square Hasek (4 to 8 pm)

As for the programme, there will be numerous artistic practices to try (ceramics, wood carving, etc.), a radio workshop, sports games, science workshops focusing on the environment and sustainable food, bike repair workshops, music and live performances.

Let's share a summer of joy and fun !