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Summer RéfleXion(s)

From 8 July to 3 September, Place du Château and west front of the Cathedral
Suitable for all – Free

This summer we are inviting you to look anew at the Cathedral and the Place du Château, with the aim of arousing your curiosity and sharing some new and original experiences.

An ephemeral artwork on Place du Château 
Place du Château's summer makeover will blow you away! 
We invite you to discover an ephemeral artwork, the "Nemeton". Designed and built by a collective of artists, designers and architects, UV LAb, this artistic structure made of metal, wood and dichroic acrylic evokes three enormous trees that form a single work of art. It offers an ephemeral refuge, a place of exchanges and discoveries that inspires an entirely new way of looking at Place du Château. 

In the daytime, different effects are created by the sun's rays falling on the work, while at night the three shapes take on a whole new dimension thanks to the play of the artificial light.

Continuous free access

Project name Nemeton 
Design and production UV LAB 
Co-production City of Strasbourg
Production City of Strasbourg

A programme of original and colourful events open to all 
To prolong this visual experience, there is a whole series of concerts and street entertainments for the whole family to enjoy. For instance, why not join a yoga class in front of the Cathedrale?! 

Every week from Tuesday to Sunday in July and August, you can enjoy a different programme every day. 
•    On Tuesdays: enjoys concerts of traditional Alsatian music in this iconic Strasbourg location 
•    On Wednesdays: in the morning, there are performances for little ones and in the afternoons games for all the family
•    On Thursdays:  discover different amateurs activities with demonstrations, workshops and performances 
•    On Fridays: come and see the street entertainers
•    On Saturdays: relax and enjoy the music and concerts 
•    On Sundays: time to chill with gentle fitness practices in the morning and games in the afternoon 

Phosphorescence over the west front of the Cathedral

Come and rediscover the Cathedral - contemplate it in an entirely new way thanks to the illumination designed by Daniel Knipper, light designer.
This illuminated of the west front (rose window side) will reveal details of Strasbourg's most iconic building and UNESCO World Heritage site, that are invisible in the daylight. Admire it once, then return the same evening, and repeat the experience several times over the summer - you're sure to be surprised by something new in Strasbourg's iconic monument every time. You'll be able to see the sculptures, the gargoyles and grotesques and all the architectural details of this impressive stone vessel that stands right in the centre of our city. Then see it again in the daytime with the night-time images, so that a new impression is possible with every look. 

Illuminated from nightfall to midnight.