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Explore and make the most of a Culture Break

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This will offer you a gentle break cadenced with theatre, concerts and shows in close proximity to the artists.

Culture is on the move in Strasbourg and taking over all the city's large spaces in succession. From the Jardin des Deux Rives to the Parc du Heyritz, through the Citadelle, Orangerie and Parc de la Bergerie, the very best of the local arts scene and the city's most beautiful sites are waiting to be discovered each weekend.

Every Sunday from 10 a.m.

Set off to the following destinations on Sundays:

  • Sunday, 11 July in Jardin des deux rives,
  • Sunday,18 July in Parc de la Bergerie,
  • Sunday,25 July in Parc de la Citadelle,
  • Sunday,1 August in Parc de l’Orangerie,
  • Sunday,8 August in Plan d’eau du Baggersee,
  • Sunday, 15 August in Parc de l’Orangerie,
  • Sunday,22 August in Parc Albert Schweitzer,
  • Sunday,29 August in Parc du Heyritz.