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Open-air movie theater

Open-air movie theater

Every Friday from 6 p.m. with pre-screening events and projection of the film at nightfall.

From 23 June to 31 August, local associations Les Films du spectre and Speaker invite you to another edition of their open-air cinema screenings at a series of locations near you, with a selection of classic films. There's room for everyone - come early every Thursday and Friday evening and partake of a fun, trendy pre-film menu of activities.

As soon as night falls, settle down on the grass ready for the big film! Bring your own chair, deckchair, picnic mat or blanket for maximum comfort and enjoy your evening !


  • Friday 23 June
    Venue: Jardin des Deux Rives
    Film: En Corps, by Cedric Klapish.
  • Friday 30 June
    Venue: Neudorf (Parc Henri Will)
    Film: Good Will Hunting, by Gus Van Sant 
  • Friday 7 July
    Venue: Cronenbourg (Parc de la Bergerie)
    Film: Sing 2, by Garth Jennings and Christophe Lourdelet
  • Thursday 13 July
    Venue: Hautepierre (Plaine des jeux)
    Film: L’Ascension, by Ludovic Bernard
  • Friday 21 July
    Venue: Gare/Laiterie (Rue du Hohwald)
    Film: Suprêmes, by Audrey Estrougo
  • Friday 28 July
    Venue: Meinau (Baggersee lake)
    Film: Intouchables, by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano
  • Thursday 3 August
    Venue: Centre (Parc du Heyritz)
    Film: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, by Sergio Leone
  • Thursday 10 August
    Venue: Neuhof (Guynemer III school)
    Film: Sonic 2, the film, by Jeff Fowler
  • Friday 18 August
    Venue: Koenigshoffen (Parc Albert Schweitzer)
    Film: Invictus, by Clint Eastwood
  • Friday 25 August
    Venue: Cronenbourg (Parc de la Bergerie)
    Film: Spiderman: No Way Home, by Jon Watts
  • Thursday 31 August
    Venue: Jardin des Deux Rives
    Film: La cité de la peur, by Alain Berbérian