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An Ephemeral Work of Art : "Page Blanche"

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From Saturday, June 1st to Sunday, September 8th, immerse yourself in the space of Place du Château and discover "Pages Blanches," an artistic installation created for Strasbourg, UNESCO World Capital of Books 2024, by the Bordeaux collective Le Bruit du frigo.

The installation "Pages Blanches" explores an aesthetic and imagery inspired by places of paper production, from traditional mills to industrial paper mills. On the ground, a long ribbon of wood evokes the silhouette of paper roll manufacturing chains, with presses and cylinders repurposed into various seating postures. Suspended above are large canvases reminiscent of sheets hung in drying rooms, providing shade.

The furniture includes bookshelves that we invite you to fill, following the principle of book-sharing boxes. White books are available for you to contribute an idea, reflection, place, artwork, memory, landscape, poem, dream, nightmare, story, recipe... Here, the "blank page syndrome" does not exist—let your imagination speak!

Open to all ages - Free entry

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