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What to Do in Strasbourg in July/August During Summer Vacation with a Child?

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Good news! Whether you're from Strasbourg, visiting as tourists, or just enjoying summer in the city with family, know that the city and the 33 municipalities of Eurometropolis offer a multitude of activities tailored for children. From nature to cultural, sports, playful, classic, must-see, and original activities, here are 60 ideas for activities to do with children in Strasbourg to make the most of summer in the European capital.

Nature Activities in Strasbourg:

As the 3rd greenest city in France, Strasbourg is surrounded by nature. If you enjoy outdoor activities, there are plenty of options in Strasbourg:

  • Take a walk in one of Strasbourg's 8 major parks.
  • Go cycling along the Canal de la Bruche.
  • Explore one of the 3 peri-urban forests near Strasbourg.
  • Join a guided tour of Rohrschollen Island, a nature reserve in Strasbourg, to discover its wildlife and flora.
  • Visit the botanical garden and explore nearly 5,000 plant species.
  • See the animals at the small animal farm at Fort Kléber in Wolfisheim.
  • Go kayaking on the Ill River branches. Visit the bird park in La Wantzenau.
  • Explore Strasbourg's green belt.
  • Visit the farm animals at Friedel Farm in Illkirch.
  • Play gardener and pick vegetables at Eckwersheim Farm.
  • Swim in one of the lakes near Strasbourg (Gravière de Reichstett, Ballastière de Bischheim, Baggersee, or Lac Achard).

Fun Activities

  • Attend the Cathedral's illuminated facade show.
  • Explore Strasbourg to find geocaching spots.
  • Climb to the top of the Cathedral platform for a view of Strasbourg.
  • Discover Strasbourg's open-air museum of street art.
  • Learn circus arts at the circus school.
  • Participate in activities offered by the extensive network of libraries and media centers, including workshops, exhibitions, concerts, and snacks.
  • Discover and play new board games at one of Strasbourg's toy libraries or game bars.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Go boating in the Orangerie Park.
  • Cruise Strasbourg in an electric boat.
  • Slide down a slide, swing, trampoline, or play in the sandbox at one of the many playgrounds in Strasbourg.
  • Build a sandcastle on the ephemeral beach at Docks Malraux.
  • Navigate through a temporary cornfield maze in Oberhausbergen.

Sports Activities

A social phenomenon, Strasbourg offers numerous sports activities:

  • Swimming or bathing in one of Strasbourg's 8 swimming pools.
  • Playing basketball on one of Strasbourg's urban courts, at Parc de la Citadelle, or in the first indoor hall in Bas-Rhin.
  • Trying the pentagliss slide at Hautepierre Swimming Pool.
  • Getting started with skateboarding or inline skating at the Skate Park de la Rotonde.
  • Trying a scuba diving baptism at Schiltigheim Swimming Pool.
  • Horseback riding at the two Rives equestrian center or at the Waldhof center in La Wantzenau.
  • Climbing the 10-meter diving platform and diving at Schiltigheim Swimming Pool.
  • Climbing trees on the Accrobranche course in Ostwald.
  • Getting started with sailing at the Rhinland Nautical Base in Plobsheim.
  • Playing mini-golf in Illkirch Graffenstaden.
  • Participating in sports and leisure activities (aquagym, paddle boarding, orienteering, fencing, karate, yoga, volleyball, basketball, canoeing/kayaking, soccer, etc.) at the sports plains.
  • Cooling off in the water games at Parc de la Citadelle or in the refreshing oases set up in Strasbourg's squares.
  • Practicing climbing in one of Strasbourg's climbing gyms.
  • Playing tennis at Parc de Pourtales.

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Cultural Activities

Heritage, theater, music, festivals... Strasbourg is a city with a particularly rich cultural life, including activities for children during school holidays.

  • Visit Strasbourg's 10 museums and participate in summer activities.
  • Observe the stars at the new Strasbourg Planetarium.
  • Learn while having fun at Le Vaisseau, the discovery center of science and technology through play and action.
  • Explore the trail of forts and visit Forts Rapp, Frère, Kléber, and Ducrot, remnants of Franco-German history.
  • Listen to a story told by librarians at Docks Malraux for the "mediatheques outside the walls" operation.
  • Attend shows during the summer season at TAPS Scala and Laiterie: puppetry, object theater, music, circus, book-concert...
  • Visit the European Parliament.
  • Participate in a "family workshop" at the Tomi Ungerer Museum (crafts, drawing).
  • Attend an outdoor cinema screening.
  • Take part in an outdoor performance at the music kiosk.
  • Attend a performance from the Arachnima tour.
  • Visit Strasbourg Cathedral with the discovery booklet offered by the 5th Place.
  • Discover all the secrets of chocolate at the Chocolate Museum in Fegersheim.
  • Discover and visit the 15 European locations and symbols of Strasbourg.
  • Participate in an activity offered by the Center for Nature and Environment Education (workshops, cinema, walks...).
  • Attend performances on the youth hostel stage.
  • Join a guided tour of the old town of Strasbourg designed especially for children.

Also note: the Festival of Arts in the Streets (FARSE) in Strasbourg in August.

Activities to Discover Strasbourg:

  • Take a guided tour of Strasbourg for children.
  • Participate in a treasure hunt through the streets of Strasbourg with Familicitirali.
  • Discover Strasbourg's history with Captain Hans Trapp aboard a Batorama cruise boat.
  • Take a guided tour of Strasbourg aboard the small tourist train.
With all these activity ideas, your children, whatever their tastes and ages, will enjoy summer in Strasbourg. This list covers a wide range of activities to do in Strasbourg during the summer with a child. It's not exhaustive, and there are more activities to discover.

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