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Celebrate Summer with a Musical Interlude

On June 21, 22, and 23, Strasbourg will welcome summer with music.

June 21, the World Music Day

Kicking off three days of festivities, the Fête de la Musique will take place in Strasbourg's city center and its neighborhoods from 6 PM to 11:15 PM. The City of Strasbourg has issued a call for applications, inviting musicians—whether amateur or professional, solo artists or groups—to perform on stage.

Two discovery stages will showcase amateur and professional artists alike, located at Place Kléber and Place Gutenberg.

Place Kléber

  • 18h : Joceline (pop)
  • 19h : Pers (hip hop rap)
  • 20h : Deaf Kids (rock punk)
  • 21h : Pales (rock)
  • 22h : Bonhomme (electro)

Place Gutenberg

  • 18h : Zeyué (electro pop)
  • 19h : Saint Evil Street (rock alter)
  • 20h : Zweierspasch (hip hop)
  • 21h : Trapoline (electro rock)
  • 22h : Dudes of Groove Society (funk)

Partner stages, managed by associations and supported by the City of Strasbourg, eagerly await both locals and visitors:

  • Place Saint-Étienne : Carbonne 14 (electro)
  • Place du Marché Gayot : St’artbourg (pop rock DJ)
  • Place du Temple Neuf : Antipod (Reggae, hip-hop)
  • Square Louise Weiss : Merci beaucoup (electro, pop, funk, dj, disco)
  • Place du Château : HCG (rock)
  • Place Saint-Thomas : Ramène ta fleur (electro, disco, funk)
  • Rue sainte Barbe : RBS (DJ, hip-hop / rap)
  • Cour de l’Ancienne manufacture de tabac : Amadeus (electro)
  • Place Grimmeissen : De la food (Global Bass)

For the first time this year, two additional partner stages will be set up in Hautepierre and Meinau:

  • Cour de la Maison du Projet Meinau: Calima (oriental, flamenco, African)
  • Place André Maurois Hautepierre: Les sons d’la rue (rap, hip-hop)

The Fête de la Musique is, above all, a celebration of numerous individual initiatives by the people of Strasbourg, who choose to take to the streets to animate public spaces, inviting you to celebrate and explore music in all its forms.

Prevention and Security Measures

On June 21st, to ensure everyone can enjoy the Fête de la Musique under optimal conditions and in coordination with the Prefecture, the City of Strasbourg is implementing specific security and prevention measures:

  • Pedestrian Access: Pedestrians will have free access to the Grande-Île, with visual checks of bags. Glass objects and hazardous materials will be prohibited.
  • Parking Restrictions: On-street parking will be prohibited throughout the Grande-Île from Friday, June 21st at 6 AM to Saturday, June 22nd at 6 AM.
  • Public Parking Access: Entry and exit from the public parking lots at Gutenberg, Kléber, and Broglie will be prohibited from Friday, June 21st at 4 PM to Saturday, June 22nd at 4 AM.
  • Vehicle Traffic: Automobile traffic will be prohibited throughout the Grande-Île from Friday, June 21st at 4 PM to Saturday, June 22nd at 4 AM.

Residents: Residents with private parking or public parking subscriptions in the Grande-Île will not be able to access their parking from 4 PM on Friday, June 21st, and will only be able to exit from 4 AM on Saturday, June 22nd.

Public Transport:

  • Trams: Trams will operate but will not stop at the following stations from 4 PM to midnight:

    • Broglie
    • Homme de Fer
    • Alt Winmärik
    • Langstross Grand’rue
  • Bus Routes: Lines C8/10/30 will be diverted from 4 PM until the end of the event.

Additionally, first aid teams will be stationed at Place Broglie. A team dedicated to addiction risk prevention will also be deployed within the Grande-Île.

Prevention Against Sexist and Sexual Violence: "Safer Zones"

To ensure the festivities remain enjoyable and safe for everyone, the City of Strasbourg is implementing a prevention system on June 21st to avoid any sexist or sexual aggression. Partnering with the associations Dis Bonjour Sale Pute, Ithaque, Planning Familial, and Ru’elles, stands will be set up at Place d’Austerlitz and Place Saint-Étienne. These stands will serve as information centers, delivering preventive messages and providing safe havens and orientation areas for those who feel insecure.

At Place d’Austerlitz, the system will be reinforced with a "secure space," offering a quiet and safe environment for individuals in need. This space will ensure the safety of potential victims and provide necessary support and assistance.