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Music festival

Music festival

Classical, contemporary, experimental, French variety, jazz, rock, hip-hop, folk from here or elsewhere… Music is in the air on the 21st of June 2018!

For the 37th edition of the Music Festival, the City of Strasbourg invites you to celebrate the liveliness of music, to discover the diversity of genres and to let yourself be swept off your feet by the festive atmosphere.

The City puts local musicians on the spotlight. Amateurs or professionals will be able to express themselves on the public space to make the whole city dance.

The city acts as a gigantic open air stage where you can enjoy the dozens of stages scattered around the neighborhoods, in the bars, or on the streets, ready to celebrate the summer solstice with music.

Important: security measures will be enforced during this event. To know more, go at the bottom of the page.


"Tête d’affiche" stage – Place Kléber

On the stage, award winning local artists will perform: ORK (Hopl’Awards 2017), STORIES IN COLOURS (young talent Fête de la musique 2017), JUSTINE PEREIRA (Jury and public prize – Voie des talents) + LEHO (Winner - Voies des talents 2016), CHRISTOPHER GIROUD (local artist). ROMANE SERDA (partner with Top Music) will kick off the first part of the show before the Music Festival’s guest of honor: Catherine Ringer.

  • 6 pm - 6.30 pm: ORK (Electro rock)
  • 6.45 pm – 7.15 pm: STORIES IN COLOURS (ModernRock)
  • 7.30 pm – 7.40 pm: JUSTINE PEREIRA (French variety)
  • 7.40 pm – 8.05 pm: LEHO (French pop)
  • 8.20 pm – 8.55 pm: CHRISTOPHER GIROUD (Groove, Reggae and Pop)
  • 9.10 pm – 9.45 pm: ROMANE SERDA (Rythmic pop)
  • 10.15 pm – 11.45 pm: CATHERINE RINGER (French variety, funk, rock, électro, pop, jazz fusion)

"Découvertes" stages – Place Gutenberg and Place de l’Etal

Place Gutenberg

  • 6 pm – 6.35 pm: JUSTINE PEREIRA (Variété française)
  • 6.45 pm – 7.20 pm: SOSO (R&b)
  • 7.30 pm – 8.05 pm: SOUL’S SPARKS (Soul/Funk)
  • 8.15 pm – 8.50 pm: ELEMENTS 4 (Pop Rock)
  • 9 pm – 9.35 pm: MAEVA & THE JOKERS (Neo-Soul, Folk, Pop)
  • 9.45 pm – 10.20 pm: 22:22 (Rock mélodique)
  • 10.30 pm – 11.05 pm: DIFRACTO (Musique Electronique)
  • 11.15 pm – 11.50 pm: THAPVANS (Hip Hop/R&B)

Place de l’Etal

  • 6 pm – 6.35 pm: GREYSWOOD (Folk-rock)
  • 6.45 pm – 7.20 pm: SIR ROBIN & THE LONGBOWMEN (Rock)
  • 7.30 pm – 8.05 pm: IN SOLIDUM JAZZTET (Jazz)
  • 8.15 pm – 8.50 pm: BYE BYE BAY (Pop/Groove)
  • 9 pm – 9.35 pm: RUSTLESS (Blues/Rock)
  • 9.45 pm – 10.20 pm: HIGH VOLTURES (Rock)
  • 10.30 pm – 11.05 pm: SUMMER ENDS (Rock indie/alternative)
  • 11.15 pm – 11.50 pm: WESTERN EUROPE (Folk-rock)

"Cultures urbaines" stage – In front of the Médiathèque André Malraux

This stage has become an unmissable event for hip-hop, slam, raggae, dancehall, beat-box and electro fans. The program was cooked up by the association Ready 2 Rumble with DJ T.Killa, DJ Talri, Mc Baya and Mc Weezy hosting, and will make you want to dance, whoever you are.

The order of the line-up is not final and might change on the 21st of June.

  • 6 pm – 6.15 pm: DJ T.KILLA and MC BAYA
  • 6.15 pm – 6.20 pm: SKY CREW (dance)
  • 6.20 pm – 6.35 pm: LES BIBOUCHES
  • 6.35 pm – 6.50 pm: BEUHTI
  • 6.50 pm – 7.20 pm: YA.HANGOVER (DJ SKAN + DJ TENKA)
  • 7.20 pm – 7.45 pm: BOBBY SCHUMAN + LE 6 + LARSON
  • 7.45 pm – 8.05 pm: T.Y.P
  • 8.05 pm– 8.10 pm: SKY CREW (dance)
  • 8.10 pm – 8.35pm: LA 4ème ROUE
  • 8.35 pm – 9 pm: LA BERGERIE
  • 9 pm – 9.05 pm: FULLVIBZ (dance)
  • 9.05 pm – 9.30 pm: MISMO & GOLD BOMB
  • 9.30 pm – 9.50 pm: EKIVOQ
  • 9.50 pm – 10.10 pm: CLAUDE KHALUD
  • 10.10 pm – 10.30 pm: NO TYPE (dance) + GUEST
  • 10.30 pm – 10.45 pm: KAMISA NEGRA
  • 10.45 pm –10.55 pm: FREEK CREW (dance)
  • 10.55 pm – 11.25 pm: DJ GAZA + FULLVIBZ
  • 11.25 pm – 11.30 pm: SURPRISE GUEST
  • 11.30 pm – 12 am: “IT’S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE” by DJ LATTIMORE

Partners and initiative projects stages

The Music Festival is also an opportunity for associations to present their musical project for one night in well-known places of Strasbourg.

More than a dozen of associations, partners of the Music Festival, will perform in different places in the city. You will be able to enjoy the different projects, partners with the City of Strasbourg.

Partners stages (from 6 pm to 12 am)

  • Place Broglie: SMILE THIS SOUND / CAFE DE L'OPERA (Electro House)
  • Place Broglie: ACEL67 (Rock, jazz, blues, french and italian songs)
  • Place Saint-Thomas: ACOARUS (Folk rock)
  • Square Louise Weiss: LONGEVITY (Trip-Hop, Soul, electronic, DJ)
  • Place St-Etienne: GENAU – MRP BOOKING (Funk, hip hop, electronic rock)
  • Place des tripiers: LES BERTHOM (Jazz, Funk, World Music)
  • Place Saint Pierre Le Jeune: LABEL OMAR (Rock, rap, electro, blues,…)
  • Place du Temple Neuf: SABAK AFROFITNESS (Modern and traditional african music)
  • Place Grimmeissen: KAWAA FOOD CULTURE (World Music)
  • Rue de la vignette: ASSOCIATION ORDINAIRE (Electro, house)
  • Place de la grande boucherie: COLDSTONE/ROCK IN PLACE (Heavy Rock)
  • Rue Sainte-Barbe: CREATIVE PLAYGROUND (Hip-hop)
  • Place du Frère Médard: ASSOCIATION 1518 (Electro/Dj)

Initiative projects

  • Rue du vieil hôpital: BRASSERIE LE ROI ET SON FOU & CODE BAR (Vocal House, Lounge Electro)
  • Chemin des alouettes: PROTESTANT PARISH OF NEUHOF STOCKFELD (Gospel, Songs, Folk, classical music)
  • Rue du Dôme: STUDENTS OF THE ISEG (Pop Rock)
  • Rue Hannong: INTEMPOREL BAR CLUB (Dj)
  • Place du vieux marché aux poissons: MARATHON FRENCH VARIETY
  • Université – CROUS & SUAC, in front the law faculty: (Pop electro, celtic rock…)
  • CAFE DU TNS (Electro)
  • Place d’Austerlitz: LE MAQUIS CAFE VELO (Reggae)
  • Rue du Vieux marché au vin: CAKBASI with the association SOLIRESO
  • Rue des païens: ABYSSINIA (Reggae)

Spontaneous participation

The spirit of the Music Festival also lies in the spontaneous participation of musicians of all ages, amateurs or professionals. This participation is a personal decision that doesn’t require any autorisation or the filing of a particular request, nor any technical installations, while respecting security measures. For the 21st of June to be an uneventful celebration, we must respect the tranquility of the neighborhoods, the municipal decrees and some basic safety measures.

Make sure that the place you choose is available

If the place you chose to perform is an open-air public place, contact the residents: bars, merchant associations, companies, ... They will be pleased to share their experiences and warn you about possible troubles.

Electrical installations

If you need an amplifier and need to find a power feed in a private house, cables should be put out of range of the public. Cables should be put on the ground without hindering pedestrian and bicycles movements, and should not cross the road at any case.

Power generators are strictly forbidden.


The sound level of your performances should be adapted to the place, the neighboring environment that you chose and the size of your audience so as to not disturb the neighbors. Sound systems, and other amplifiers, should be protected and set far enough from the audience to avoid earring damage. A perimeter of at least 3 meters around the sound systems should be enforced. Think about keeping a special electric fires (CO2) fire extinguisher near the sound system or any place that represents a risk of fire.

Traffic and emergency vehicles

Your equipment should not hinder public traffic, public transportation, residents’ vehicles, public car parks users or emergency vehicles in any case. In case of emergency, emergency vehicles need to be able to navigate. Make sure your installation can be removed fast if needed. Any equipment that can hinder vehicles or pedestrian traffic or may induce security problems may be subjected to police action.


In case of bad or dangerous weather (strong winds, storms, heavy rains,…), participants should be able to apply the necessary safety measures (safety advice, cancellation, evacuation, etc…).


The Music Festival will take place from 6 pm to 12 am. All participants must respect this timeframe.

Practical information

Aid Stations

  • Place Kléber
  • Place Gutenberg
  • Place de l’Etal
  • In front of the Médiathèque André Malraux
  • Place Grimmeissen
  • Chapelle Saint-Michel (main station), place du château

Useful numbers

  • Firefighters: 18
  • Police: 17
  • Medical Aid: 15

Public bathrooms, open until 12.30 am

  • Place Kléber
  • Place du Château
  • Place d’Austerlitz
  • Barrage Vauban

Security measures

For the celebration to go on as planned, safety measures will be implemented, following the recommandations of the Prefect of the Bas-Rhin region.

  • On-street parking is forbidden throughout the Grande Île from Thursday June 21st at 6 am to Friday June 22nd at 2 am.
  • All car traffic is prohibited throughout the Grande Île from Thursday June 21st at 4 pm to Friday June 22nd at 2 am.
  • The car parks Gutenberg, Tanneurs, Kléber and Broglie will be closed from Thursday June 21st 4 pm to Friday June 22nd 2 am.
  • Deliveries are not allowed (except special cases provided by the decree) from Thursday June 21st at 4 pm to Friday June 22nd at 2 am.
  • Pedestrians can access the Grande Île by the bridges and footbridges. There will be police controls at every entrance.
  • In case of extreme emergency, call 17.

Apply for 2019

You missed your chance to apply for a scene or a partner project this year?

You can already think about a project for 2019. We consider every request we receive for spontaneous projects for next year’s Music Festival.